Venezia! (Formerly New Venice)

Two words can easily sum up Venezia. Absolutely Beautiful. Although this city may be a bit harder on the graphics card than other cities are, its definitely worth the visit. Venezia is the most beautiful and most interactive city available at the current moment (besides Beach City) . Venezia' special 'ESC' key travelling system is one of its biggest attractions. Destinations 1-9 on the number pad will take any willing explorer throughout the amazing (and still under construction) city of Venezia. And boy is it a sight to be seen, the modeling is top notch on the buildings, the view is absolutely amazing and in certain parts the features are quite fun and to be enjoyed. Venezia really is a prime example for the possibilities that the Blue Mars platform offers. Venezia will be especially popular considering the promotion that they will be offering for storefronts to be rented with no upfront cost and only a percentage taken from sales to support the rent. There are many exciting areas to view in Venezia even considering that it is under construction. The entrance area is absolutely beautiful, i could see some romantic pictures being taken on the bridge straightforward from the entrance point. And beyond that is another area that has terminals in it, one of which will teleport you to different points in the city, as well as signs advertising it's attractions such as the up and coming Tomb and the shopfronts. A little more exploring around will lead you to areas that hopefully soon will be explorable. Such as a bar, several places that could be used as social areas and even a Marina that allows you to boat around the cities waterways. Not to mention the unfinished Boccie courts that I imagine will be great fun. For those who are keen for adventure, they could explore the area trying to find various treasure orbs of which will tell you that mysterious prizes may be coming in the future for them, the telescope game which involves you looking around the city for spots it details for you to find for points is also a fun minigame provided to tourists. Those wishing to be less bound to the beaten trail can use the 'ESC' key to fly around and have an unprecedented look throughout the city unrestricted by where the avatar can physically walk. Depending on how far you choose to go, you will run into the unfinished areas of the city which if you got that far will show you how big Venezia plans to be. I do believe i saw hints of a Monorail or Train system as well. All in all, Venezia upon finished product will be perhaps one of the most amazingly detailed and interactive cities available, no doubt being a popular destination for Blue Mars residents new and old. It is indeed a must see destination within Blue Mars.

Coming Soon: Pictures!

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