The Second Meet and Greet in Blue Mars! Beautiful Beach City :D

[-4:42-} HI there everyone! Its your local friendly blogger Zetsumei, reporting live (kinda) from yet another amazing sight that has been spotted within Blue Mars. Another Meet and Greet! The idea that Marlii had to set up some sort of Meet and Greet apparently has caught on at Avatar Reality headquarters, causing Glenn and the other staff members to organize many more for the future, perhaps even Weekly or Bi Weekly. So far this event has gone off without a hitch! Not to mention topping at least 40 avatars at one point, answers from Glenn, several staff have also decided to stop by. Andrei, Summer, Glenn, and i believe some others i saw with a custom set of clothes which would deem that they are some sort of staff have also been great. Its been a whirlwind of chat bubbles and awesome questions, a great opportunity to meet the community as well. Many of us Devs have been discussing the possibilities of the Blue Mars platform and sharing our ideas and project progress as well! As you can tell I've been pretty busy with taking photos and talking to people, but I will be continuing to update this blog throughout the entire event!

[-Same disclaimer as the last time, basically no one had any lag and the FPS here is just my old PC ^__^-]

[-Checkout this awesome slideshow full of pictures from the event!-]

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