Fourth Meet And Greet!

Hey everyone! Tonight was the 4th meet and greet within Blue Mars @ the new Gridrock City! It was an amazing success! At peak time I believe there was at least 30-40 people who had joined us. The exact numbers of the people who were at the MnG waxed and waned for most of the event, but by the time it has ended there was about 10 of us left for a good solid 10-15 mins until everyone decided to go their own ways. Or at least most people did, probably a few people still left there hehe. Most of the meeting was spent discussing various things such as features that are currently in the works (the Mypage feature is almost ready to be released.) and the discussion about volunteer outfits and what their title should be (I voted for Martian Pro). There was definitely some talk about cities that were being developed. The scenery within Gridrock City provided me with the chance for some amazing photo's to be taken. I have provided another of my flickr slideshows below!

Until next time, Love you guys.

-Zetsumei Ieyashi

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