Slanderous blogger wrongfully accuses Blue Mars

To my four current followers, and anyone who is paying attention to this blog either from seeing me in world, seeing my or rocks thread about this issue needs to immediately go over to this blog post and show them how insanely wrong they are about their assumptions and wildly misconstrued notions about Blue Mars.

This is the link to the blog and if i were you I would go there and give them a piece of my mind, of which i already did.

My comment being:

" PixPol please locate the solid facts in quote that state according to your recollection of " content creation for individual users is officially discouraged" Ive been VERY active within the community, spoken with many AR employees, one in specific who is working on the tools to ALLOW INDEPENDENT DEVELOPERS to upload into blue mars. Your claims here are so outrageous that they could almost be considered slanderous or libelous just in their assumptions. I am an independent developer, as are a large part of BM residents who are nowhere near a corporation or company of any size and especially no where near what you are suggesting here. Companies will be able to have a high profile existance in BM but in the same manner that an independant city developer will be able to. I completely agree with Rock here, and in my own opinion this is a horrible piece that has misconstrued any currently known news to the worst that it could be twisted to.

Misrepresentation at this length makes me sick, you wouldnt by any chance be a politician too would you? "

Sickening. Lets be sure this person sees the truth.

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