Adult Content In Blue Mars

Adult Content In Blue Mars (My Opinion)

Well now. This is a subject Ive been wanting to tackle for quite a while, there is a topic on it already in the beta forums but it is fairly crowded and i would love to just get my opinion off of my chest here on my blog and then see what other people think about it. Lately in this thread i have been seeing people who are comparing SL to BM in the terms of how adult content is or should be handled. There are those that are for adult content and those that are against adult content as there always is in debates like this no matter the world that it is in. Those who are against adult content are defending the many other ways that BM could be enjoyed without the adult content aspect added into the game, and those who are for adult content are explaining about how even though many people are not interested in the adult content, it is indeed a very big market to consider not only for AR's sake to boost BM's economy, but for how they wish to take it on in the form of users experiencing it through their platform. There are good arguments on both sides, reading the threads on the official beta forums will point that out, but personally i think this could be handled very easily and avoid tragedies like what LL has recently brought into play for second life. In my opinion I believe that before BM gets too wrapped up in this subject and trying to figure out how to deal with it, there is a very simple approach that should be taken. AR should leave the handling of adult content to the discretion of the paying city owners. This alleviates AR from any legal bounds to be jumped or problems to be dealt with outside of their own personally owned areas. Doing this would be an extremely smart move in AR's case, the 'adult' community / market would then come into BM and give the economy its blessing ( xD ) , as well as allowing those who don't wish to experience it a way of knowing that "Hey some places do have it, but I can just go to the other areas that don't and still enjoy myself." .I don't think it is fair or wise for AR to block out adult content because there may be users who wish to experience the adult side, as well as the possible influx of cash it could provide the economy.

Anyways, it's been great and that's my opinion on this subject. Would love to hear from people on it.

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