Blue Mars secures another 4.2 million dollars in investment!

Wow everyone! I dont even know where to begin with this article. This is such great news! I knew when i first signed up for Blue Mars and actually spent the time getting to know Avatar Reality and the beta community so far, that the future really was in Blue Mars, and this additional investment just goes ahead and re-assures and proves my initial thoughts! For all those who haven't read the blog post about it yet, here's the link to the Blue Mars official blog, the post was made by the CEO of Avatar Reality, Jim Sink.

Further good news is that Avatar Reality just hired a new member to their team, Trent Ward. Here are some excerpts about him from the above mentioned blog post.

"I’m thrilled to announce that Trent Ward, former Creative Director at Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, has joined Avatar Reality as our new Vice President of Design. Trent has a track record of creating fantastic games and designs and is leading our efforts to make the developer and user experience more intuitive, effective, and fun."

"Trent will help ensure that core features in Blue Mars like communication, navigation, interactive events, and discovery meet the needs of the community and provide new frontiers for innovation and creation. His work along with our talented development team will help us more rapidly respond to requests from the community and continue to make Blue Mars even better for users and developers."

For more information about Trent, the new 4.2 million investment dont forget to go read their blogpost @

Also readers! I know I've been inactive for a little while (unfortunately Real Life does have to happen at some point haha) but I've got a Body Editor tutorial that I've been working on that I will be crossposting on Koinup and here!

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