Fooooore! ...a Blue Mars Golf Review

As soon as you come into Blue Mars, one of the first things that you will notice are the several boards ahead of you that upon clicking them will allow you to travel tot he currently available regions, amongst those boards are two games. The Waterfall Game which involves riding a ship through rings, and Golf of which's name is self explanatory. The later of which I will be reviewing right now.

I like the golf simulation presented to us by Blue Mars because it is a testament to the possibilities present within the platform. With the ability to play both single and multi player matches, as well as a choice of playing one hole matches or three hole matches, Golf in Blue Mars is a very competent rendition of this popular sport.Playing golf in blue mars is just like playing golf but in HD quality brought to us by the CryEngine. I bet the folks over at Crytek never thought golf would be played with such a powerful engine eh? Although when I had played the game, upon striking the ball and making my first hole, it was not as refined as lets say, a PlayStation game would be, but it was indeed comparable to such on a lower detailed scale in functions. To those on lower end machines(and possibly higher grade machines) that can still play Blue Mars, i experienced that the ball looks slightly off from where you hit it, but being that this is a beta and the options given are pretty much only to display the possibilities of the platform, i would still give golf in blue mars a very high rating. For those who are looking for a good pass time in Blue Mars I would recommend that you give golf a try. Out of 10, i would rate it a 6 mostly because of its success in displaying how useful this platform really will be for developers in the future, but also because it is indeed some fun. Below I have posted a flickr slide show of some nice shots within the golf simulator for your enjoyment ^__^

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-Zetsumei Ieyashi

Edit: Added the new flickr ^__^

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