The Meet and Greet in Shade City!

[-5:18 PM-] Wow! This event is truly amazing. The first time that so many people had gathered together in one city! So many conversations going on at once, so many people sitting in the chairs and standing around the area. The chat bubbles were clogging up the screen a bit as you will see in the pictures but it was indeed truly amazing. Ive taken many screenshots so people can see just how epic this event is. AS I had speculated in my Shade City review, this city is indeed the perfect place for a social event! I added the flicker album to the bottom of this post for all to read! The event is still going on and just might go on for a few more hours, ill edit this post with anymore news on it. Lets see if Glenn makes an appearance!

[-5:54-] The Event has been a great success, things are calming down a little bit. Unfortunately Summer Studio (Tiffany Nahinu from AR) had stated that since AR's building was closed over the weekends that there wont be logs officially until Monday, but either way it was an amazing day! Will have to hear from Glenn and the others later on. Thanks all who read this and spread the word! ^__^

[-6:34-] The event is over, and was awesome. everyone is winded down, cept for a few stragglers left, there will be hangovers in the morning, but it was fun and worth it. xD Take care guys, until the next time i blog.

[Please note that the FPS is just my old computer, people at the event were very vocal about the event being lagless and not hurting FPS much at all. Simply amazing for the amount of people there]

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  1. gravatar Imsaho says:

    Thanks zetsumei. I didn't see much of the party so I'm glad you had a good time!!

  2. Yes indeed! I had and I am still having a great time at the party. Too bad you couldnt see much of it. Tell your friends about this blog! ;D Ill be updating for everyone who cant make events and what not. Doing my best to present blue mars =p

  3. gravatar Blue News says:

    Hey Zetsumei! I also wrote about the meet and greet, you can check it out at my website

  4. gravatar Blue News says:

    Oops, I guess that link got messed up, the address is

    See you there!

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