Gridrock City Review!

Hey again everyone! Today ill be writing a review about the first user created city, Gridrock City. As the first user city to be allowed in, coming with the October 19th update of the Blue Mars client, Gridrock City has gotten a fair amount of attention already. Two meet and greets were held there, one tour during the first meet and greet there and alot of attention brought on by the interesting style and storyline they have in place. As a science fiction fan myself (Tertius Prime is a good example of that hehe) I really can appreciate the storyline in place at Gridrock city. Exploring a Tesla related storyline is a very unique and interesting take and I expect there to be alot of buzz about in this city especially when it comes to roleplaying. However, the storyline is only one aspect of Gridrock City's presence in Blue Mars. The architecture and modeling present within the city is very nice and provides an intriguing environment for all to explore. I've included a Flickr slideshow with this article, to show off some of the great shots within Gridrock.Overall my experience within Gridrock was very pleasant and I am excited to see it grow and develop in the future. It is surely to become one of the popular areas within Blue Mars.

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