Comprehensive Feature and General Improvements Request

Hi everyone! Its your friendly neighborhood blogger Zetsumei!

Today i posted on the dev forums a thread about alot of the features that i believe would be amazingly helpful and useful for both users and developers.

For those who do not go to that forum, i will post it here. Original Thread @

Comprehensive Feature and General Improvements Request:

Inworld Profiles

Inworld communication such as Instant Messages

Groups and Group chat similar to those of Second Life

Friends Lists that not only let you know if your friends are online, but the ability to click on the names to initiate an instant message, send a teleport, and find where they are (if they have not enabled a privacy thing that disables that feature.).

A city rating system that denotes what types of content you may run across (PG, G, R, PG13) With this could even been an Age Verification System like Second Life has to prove you are 18+ and then you can access the mature content. I will emphasize strongly that mature content be allowed in the future. This is a very large market, and if it is not allowed it could attribute to the loss of many potential users.

The ability to sell packages in shops like you can in Second Life. Selling one item at a time is an extremely bad idea because many products that developers will be looking to sell will involve several pieces. Having to sell each piece individually is entirely too tedious and is quite counter intuitive considering the level of technology we are at right now.

The ability for developers to be able to give out their products if they wish without having to have a shop.

Have it so that when a developer's items get uploaded that they automatically get a copy of their own stuff in their inventory. Any other way (such as making them buy their own stuff) is completely counter intuitive and in this day of technology we have the tools and the resources to make things smooth and easily accessable for everyone.

Changable avatar movement systems! The current avatar movement system is absolutely unacceptable. Point and click is so 20th century. Controls like Second Life utilizes (and several other games utilize, hell what CRYSIS utilizes are better than the movement system right now in Blue Mars). If you MUST keep this system in, atleast have the option for a better movement system and the ability to map keysets to it.

Having a camera system across the board that is more free like the Second Life cam would be great, the source code to it should also be available so that cities who do not wish to have that in their city can modify it to work for them how they want it to.

Many attachments points on the body for those who wish to create avatar acessories and changes (for example, a robotic arm that replaces your normal arm, or an entire android avatar that replaces most of your body parts) Attachment points on the hands is a must for weapon usage and holding things.

Support for the flowgraph system from the original sandbox2 editor, there are many modules out there that would improve Blue Mars functionality by many many fold. I believe it would be wise to try and impliment this technology for Blue Mars. .

Microsoft Silverlight functionality (i've seen this requested on the forum, and i also believe it would be a good thing to have as well, but only if flash and silverlight can be optimized well enough to run together and not tax the computer more than necessary)

Will add more to this thread when more comes to mind.