Shade City!

The first place that I will be writing about in this brand-spanking-new blog will be Shade City!.

First things first. Shade City is a unique city with a nice feel to it. This becomes apparent when you first poof into the big entrance building. The unique style of the entrance building and the area within it surely strikes me as a place I would hang out in even in real life. One gets an amazing look at the ocean once they begin to walk around and take in the scenery. An interesting feature that I really enjoyed was the fact that when you walked up to the second level of the building the sun set and turned into a beautiful night sky. This feature I believe will be an amazing asset, useful to many city owners who want to have dynamic environments. I can just see a space station city, with an elevator that take you into space and as soon as you get there the lighting changes and the sky becomes the majestic far reaches of space. Curious as to if there were any places other than the All in all Shade City although limited in its places outside of the center building, was an enjoyable experience and is a place that would be perfect for social events.

Coming Soon: Pictures!

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