Interview with Desmond Shang of Caledonia

Hello there everyone! Its your friendly neighborhood blogger extraodinaire~ Zetsumei Ieyashi. Today to begin my Creator Showcase series, I've got an interview with Desmond Shang of Caledon in SL and Caledonia in Blue Mars!

From Life In Blue Mars

Hello there Desmond, thank you for letting me interview you today, I've got a few questions I'd love for us to go over.

Zetsu: What first attracted you to Blue Mars?

Desmond: A couple things. First, the Cryengine and its incredible capabilities, and second, I think the economic model is going to be the 'engine' that creates great content, supports small businesses and sustains a generally well~rounded and healthy community.

Zetsu: How long has Caledonia been in production?

Desmond: Since April 2009. Yes, I kept it quiet for about eight months, as did a good number of freelance designers giving me a hand with it. Amazing it stayed quiet! But it did!

Zetsu: Do you have any plans for the future of Caledonia?

Desmond: YES!!! It's going to be mainly a cooperative plan, though, as the Caledonia community is going to build out their vision, I just unleash it ~ but I've got a few surprises planned in there also :) Caledonia will be anything but static!

Zetsu: What are your going rates at the moment for blocks/shops/apartments?

Desmond: Right now, a starter deal of 20 USD/month of BLU, for a city parcel. I've got a fair number of takers already, it's going nicely!

Zetsu: Is it / do you think it will be difficult managing both your Second Life continent and now your Blue Mars continent?

Desmond: Nah. Anyone could do this, really! Work is easy, if you love doing it! Sure I get busy, but I'd rather be busy at something I like, than calmly doing something I hated... I hope that makes sense?

Zetsu: Is Caledonia connected to your Second Life Continent in any manner?

Desmond: Quite so ~ Caledonia is a colony in the New World, socially and historically connected to Caledon. Think of it as a ridiculously rich and storied backstory! That said, Blue Martians won't be beholden to Victoria City, and we'll no doubt build a complex, rich but slightly different society on Blue Mars.

Zetsu: What is your dream vision of Caledonia becoming for users in Blue Mars? Lets say a projection into the future a year from now.

Desmond: Oh, a year from now we'll still be in the early days! By that time I expect to see major group projects nearing completion, not just shops and houses... the technology base maturing, and uniquely native traditions arising. And expect surprises! As can be observed from our launch, sometimes major things spring up when least expected. More fun that way! Count on me being "up to something" always... grin

That's all for today's issue of Life In Blue Mars! In the coming days expect articles on both Pavnois and Caledonia, including many pictures as i know you all like!

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