Caledonia Meet and Greet!

Hey everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood blogger Zetsumei! Today was the big Meet and Greet in Caledonia! For those of you who have either been living under a rock or are brand new to Blue Mars, Caledonia is one of two new cities owned by Desmond Shang, the same person who owns Caledon in SL. A little while back I had interviewed Desmond about Caledonia (Link: ) and today we all got to get together in Caledonia and have a great time too!

There was a huge turnout! Atleast 20-30 people showed up! Of the ARI staff unfortunately Glenn was not able to make this Meet and Greet due to some network troubles but Tiffany, Mark, and Masa were able to make it. As you can tell from the screenshots ive posted below in my usual jam-packed flickr slideshow, there was alot of chatting, alot of people making friends and getting to know each other, and a hugfest started by myself =P You'll see a few people getting huggled tightly in those pics hehe. Caledonia was running as smoothly as ever with this many people in it, and all was well. Desmond arrived just intime, and kindly answered whatever questions people had about Caledonia.

Well thats about all for now guys! Enjoy the thick slideshow ive psoted with a whopping 15 photo's of the meet and greet!

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  1. gravatar Anonymous says:

    Darn I was at work at the time. Wish I could have been there.

  2. gravatar Mathias Fenwitch says:

    Great Pics Zetsu it was wonderful seeing so many ppl in Caledonia

  3. Thanks for coming by and taking all of these awesome photos Zetsumei!!

  4. gravatar Anonymous says:

    Where are the event notices posted at? I would like to have attended.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    @Rezago You should sign up at the beta forums, and follow my twitter and the Blue Mars twitter and you will be notified of events coming.

    Beta Forum:

    My twitter: zetsu_ieyashi

    Blue Mars Official twitter account: bluemarsonline

  6. gravatar Blue-News says:

    Wish I could have been there, but I'm still really excited about the possibilities of Caledonia!

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