Announcing the Author's Guild / Services!

Hihi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that I have recently taken the spot as the Author's Guild leader in Gridrock City! Yaaaay!

Recently I have joined the Gridrock City team and I will be playing a large part in helping out with it's storyline as well as quests, events etc. I also have put together a first draft of what the Author's Guild will be offering as services to those who come to Gridrock City and just in general. I will be posting the thread below, and it can also be discussed on the original thread at the GRC forum:

[-As posted on the GRC forum-]

Hi there everyone! Below is a list of a few services that myself and the entire Author's Guild will be offering in the future. Please don't hesitate to post any questions you may have here and I will do my best to answer them accordingly.

A percentage of all costs will go into a city fund that will help keep the city afloat as well as possible use for events in the future.

Membership in our guild will offer discount prices to these services depending on the size of the job.

- Advertising space sold in the cafe owned by the Author's Guild. Advertising will be sold on a time period basis. From days, to weeks, to months. And depending on how many advertising screens we have in the cafe, it will also be sold on a per screen basis. The proceeds from this service will go directly into the city fund.

- We will also offer help with players interested in roleplaying within the city. Players who are interested in getting help with their character's backstory, or any other details partaining to their character can come to us. This service will be offered for free, but any detailed work will cost BLU$, the price discussed between the user(s) doing the work and the user requesting the work.

- We will be offereing help to those who need help with any writing needs in general.

- An example being, a developer in Blue Mars has just finished creating their product but needs help writing up a good description that sells and represents their product as well as it should be! They come to the Author's Guild, we quote them a price in BLU$ and once paid, the developer will receive their finished description.

- Another example of this would be a developer that has an idea for a product, but doesnt know exactly what it should do and wants to elaborate more on its features. They would come to us and pitch us what they have so far. This service is a little different than our other services offered. For products that we have helped design, we will ask for a percentage of sales from the product that is being sold this will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

- These services are only a few options of what we offer, if what you need is not on this list, just present us with what you need and we will quote you a price in BLU$ for the service.

This post will be updated when BLU$ rates are announced.

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    OH HAII! I'm currently very active in that other world called second life LOL but plan to go full force in Blue Mars as well. I am adding a blog category in my SL blog for Blue Mars. I'm adding you there. Feel free to link me as well!

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