Volunteer's get ready!

Hey there everyone, after a little while of hush hush around the forums and blue mars in general lately, it seems that there are things indeed happening behind closed doors hehe!

As you can see from those photos there it seems that the name Martian Mentor has won the volunteer naming poll! This is a great day, as it marks the beginning of the recognition for all those who have helped and will continue to help out new users in Blue Mars. As a volunteer I cant express my excitedness enough, but it could just be because there are some awesome new shirts coming out =P Not to mention that the Volunteer apartments are almost done hehe! Well thats about it for this update, I wish all of my fellow Volunteers and readers a good day and a pleasant night.

As always, love you guys <3

Zetsumei Ieyashi

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  1. gravatar Anonymous says:

    call me ... 760.224.2697

  2. gravatar Mighty Mik says:

    Man...what a bad time for a hardware failure! At least i have SOME backups, just not beefy enough for BM yet. see ya soon! -- Mik Mandelbrot

  3. gravatar Anonymous says: for examples for slide show

  4. gravatar Anonymous says: main blog add them. flat images are a shame

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