A short survey to gather information for a new blog entry.,

Hi there everyone! I'm going to be working on a new blog post soon but in order to complete it I have written up a short survey I would like anyone who is interested to fill out and PM back to me(Zetsumeii on the beta forums or metthias- in skype). The information provided to me will be used together as a whole to help produce the article, and anonymity will be assured as I do not intend on directly quoting anyone, or mentioning anyone's name directly unless they wish it to be or insist on it. If interested, I can include a list of the people who have helped with the post through answering the survey questions, if you are interested in being on this list please say so in the message.

Feel free to answer as many or as little of these questions as you like, and be as detailed or as simple as you wish. Any information at all is appreciated. ^__^

Player Questions:

What are some features you wish to see implemented into or changed in Blue Mars?

How would you rate the current experience provided in Blue Mars(while still considering that Blue Mars is in beta status)?

What are your thoughts on the current features available in Blue Mars?

When the economy is up and running, what do you think is a good ratio of BLU to USD or your currency of choice?

What products will you be most interested in upon the opening of the economy and the uploading of products by developers?

Developer Questions:

As a Developer what are your opinions of the currently available SDK?

What are some features / additions you would like to see implemented into the SDK?

As a developer what products are you interested in creating?

What you consider a good BLU price be for your items? (This question can accompany the BLU question in the player category)

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