Blue Mars on Koinup!

Hey everyone! Its your friendly neighborhood blogger Zetsu!

So there is some big news today for all of us Blue Mars users! Koinup has just added us as a virtual world to their community/social networking site for games and virtual worlds! I'm currently busy uploading all of the photos that i've taken over the course of my membership so far and I encourage you all to do the same! There is a group on koinup as well called Blue Mars that everyone should join as I am crossposting my photos into that group too and I hope to be doing alot of updating for everyone on Koinup!

My name on Koinup is ZetsumeiIeyashi, but you'll see me as soon as you look for the Blue Mars group (I'm the one who's uploaded the most pictures haha). Theres much more where that came from, and hopefully soon I'll be uploading some videos for everyone!

My Koinup Page:

Blue Mars Group Koinup Page:

Blue Mars Official Koinup Page:

I hope to see you all there very soon!

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